Rhythm and writing to create a visual mood for the readers

16th July 2009
Rhythm is considered as one of the powerful most elements in writing. Rhythm can be considered in two main ways - technique of visuals intended to create and technique of matching pace of copy to feelings. Rhythm can also be considered as a way for impa... Read >

Pu-Erh Tea – The Benefits

05th June 2009
In ancient China, Pu-erh tea was thought to have curative powers, and it was regarded as the most important tea. Indeed Pu-erh tea seems to have many curative and medical properties that even today it is held in high esteem in China and the rest of the wo... Read >

Famous hats worn by famous people

05th May 2009
Hat has been around with men for centuries. Since ice age, man has been wearing a type of headwear to protect against the climate. Hats however became a trademark for many famous people around the world. Some of the popular hats worn by famous people were... Read >